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Temporary Travel Document

If a Timorese national travelling to or through the UK has lost his/her passport or the passport has been damaged that it becomes inadmissible for travelling, the Embassy may issue to the person a Temporary Travel Document (Laissez-passer).

The Temporary Travel Document has a limited period of validity, and may only be used to return to Timor-Leste through the most direct route. It cannot be used to engage in a trip to multiple destinations.

In a normal circumstance where a trip to Timor-Leste han been planned ahead of time, it is not acceptable for the person engaging in the trip to apply for a Temporary Travel Document. The person must apply for a new passport.


  • The application for a Temporary Travel Document must be made in person at the Embassy;
  • The person must show the damaged passport to the consular officer at the Embassy, or 
  • In case of loss of passport, present a police report which proves that the passport has been lost, and present a valid proof of identity issued by the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste.


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