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Certificate of Residence

Criteria for application:

  1. Applicant must be a Timorese national;
  2. Complete application form;
  3. Provide one copy of any of the document following documents:
    • Valid Timorese Passport; or
    • Valid Timorese ID Card (Bilhete de Identidade); or
    • Birth Certificate issued by the Registry and Notary Department of the Ministry of Justice; or
    • Valid Timorese Electoral Card with the appropriate address.
  4. Provide one copy of any of the following documents:
    • Gas and/or Electricity Bill in his or her name on the address for which the certification is requested; or
    • Water Bill in him or her name on the address for which the certification is requested; or
    • Landline telephone bill;

Procedure for application:

  1. Applicants must request for and secure an appointment by email.
  2. Applicants must submit the completed application form in person, along with the required documents. The original of the submitted documents must be shown to the Consular Officer when attending the appointment.
  3. The Consular Officer will review the application and request further information when necessary.
  4. Once all the criteria are fulfilled, a certificate of residence will be issued to the applicant.
Click atu download formulariu aplikasaun.

If you have difficulties in donwloading the form, please write to us and  a copy will be sent to you by email.

The completed application must be submitted at the followinf address:

Consular Section
Embassy of Timor-Leste in London
83 Victoria Street
London SW1H 0HW


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