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Embassy of Timor-Leste


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Elections 2018


Venue for Registration


Under the current circumstances, the only definitive venue for registration of Timorese voters in England, Scotland and Wales is the Chancery of the Embassy of Timor-Leste in London. As situation progresses, there may be possibilities for the Electoral Team to travel to some of the cities in the above mentioned states where Timorese communities concentrate. 


Due to its distance and location, the Electoral Team will travel to Northern Ireland and coordinate with the Timorese community there to establish one voters' registration center.



Through this website, the Embassy of Timor-Leste in London will continually provide update on the election process, from voters' registration to voting. The information will include venue and time for the activities in each each of the phases. The Embassy thanks the Timorese citizens in the UK for their attention.

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