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Elections 2018


Procedure for Voters' Registration


For the voters' registration, the Embassy has prepared a pre-registration form, which can be accessed, completed and submitted online. This pre-registration, as the name suggests, is not the actual voters' registration, but is necessary for the Electoral Team to organize and conduct the registration more efficiently and effectively. 

Once a voter has submitted the pre-registration form, the Electoral Team will respond and provide him or her with the queue number, time slot and venue for registration. This will allow the voters to organize their trip to the voting centers well ahead of time, facilitate a more speedy registration and avoid long waiting time. 

Additionally, and more importantly, the pre-registration and queue numbering system is intended to avoid the gathering of large number of people at the Embassy's premise. The Embassy is located at a premise not owned by the Embassy. The Embassy is located at a rented space on a premise shared with many other organizations, and it is important that the Embassy ensures the voters' registration does not interfere with the operation of other organizations having offices in the same premise. 


The voters' registration process will be conducted in accordance with the following procedure:


Desk I - Verification of Documents:

1. Voter presents the documents required for registration;

2. An Electoral Officer verifies the documents for compliance with the requirements and, where necessary, requests that documents be completed.


If a voter is registering only to update the  electoral card, he/she may proceed to Desk III after Desk I. New negistrations must go through all the three desks.

Database update form can be downloaded  at the bottm of this page.

Desk II - Electoral Registration form:

3. The Electoral Officer manually fill the voter's information into the voters' registration form;

4. The voter checks and verifies that the information filled in the voter's registration form are correct, and once satisfied, signs the completed form.


Desk III - Digital input:

4. Electoral Officer enters the information for the voters' registration form into the database;

5. Electoral Officer takes the Biometric information of the voter. New photograph can be taken at this stage, if necessary;

6. Electoral officer display the information in the database for verification by the voter;

7. Voter signs the card electronically;

8. Electoral officer prints the new card for the voter. - Finish.

Click on the link to download the Database Update Form.

Click to download Database Update Form.



Through this website, the Embassy of Timor-Leste in London will continually provide update on the election process, from voters' registration to voting. The information will include venue and time for the activities in each each of the phases. The Embassy thanks the Timorese citizens in the UK for their attention.

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