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Elections 2018


Display of Voter's List


Once voter's registration has been completed, the list of voters registered in the United Kingdom will be displayed at the Embassy and in places with easy access by Timorese communities, for a period of 3 to 5 days. 

During this period, voters who have registerd in the United Kingdom may request correction to their information, which may have been entered incorrectly. Votes wishing to make such corrections must present valid documents as the basis. The Electoral Team will make the necessary corrections and produce a new electoral card for the voter in question.



The table below contains the list of voters who have been registered during the registration process.

The list include voters who were registered for the first time and those who have their addresses updated.

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For any complaints concerning the details desiplayed on this list, please write to



Liu husi website ida ne'e, Embaixada Timor-Leste nian kontinua aktualiza informasaun kona-ba prosesu eleisaun nian, hahu'u hodi resenseamentu eleitoral to'o votasaun. Informasaun sira ne'e sei inklui loron no fatin ba aktividade sira iha faze ida-idak. Ba sidadaun sira nia atensaun, ami hatoo obrigado barak.

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